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2019-2020 Cheer Tryout Results

posted Mar 29, 2019, 2:59 PM by Mallory Gaunce   [ updated Apr 1, 2019, 8:20 AM ]

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 SME Cheerleaders.
All names are listed in alphabetical order by last name. 

*The mandatory "You Made It" meeting for ALL squads (and parents) will be held on Thursday, April 4, at 6pm in the SME Cafeteria.*

  1. Bahr, Savannah
  2. Brown, Lindsay
  3. Deemy, Zaden
  4. Fromm, Julie
  5. Garverick, Ashley
  6. Gray, Avery
  7. Hartman, Zoe
  8. Holzbeierlein, Helen
  9. Kotar, Sophia
  10. Krieg, Grace
  11. Leinbach, Gabby
  12. Lovern, Zoey
  13. Mack, Gabby
  14. Madden, Lena
  15. Manning, Alex
  16. Morrissey, Maddie
  17. Nachtigal, Katheryn
  18. Phillips, Ellie
  19. Rasmussen, Kate
  20. Sawalich, Lauren
  21. Sniezek, Helen
  22. Sowden, Chloe
  23. Taylor, Hannah
Junior Varsity
  1. Coleman, Emma
  2. Emley, Ashton
  3. Hawes, Charlotte
  4. Jones, Jade
  5. Lischer, Olivia
  6. McGannon, Meredith
  7. Merckens, Maggie
  8. Moore, Annabelle
  9. Mullins, Karlee
  10. Patterson, Emmy
  11. Rubesch, Krissy
  12. Schwabauer, Abby
  13. Thibodeau, Maddie
  14. Williams, Lillian
  1. Abington, Marley
  2. Covell, Ellie
  3. Covell, Lucy
  4. Dickerson, Greta
  5. Gant, Hailey
  6. Herpich, Samantha
  7. Jantsch, Evan
  8. Rice, Jill
  9. Snyder, Sophia
  10. Sorce, Gia
  11. Whitehead, Abby
  12. Winter, Emily

2019-2020 Cheer Tryout Results Posting at 5p

posted Mar 29, 2019, 4:45 AM by Mallory Gaunce

The results for the 2019-2020 cheer tryouts will be posted here tonight (Friday, March 29) at 5:00pm. 


posted Feb 13, 2019, 8:28 AM by Mallory Gaunce

Register NOW! Fall Cheer Clinic

posted May 23, 2018, 11:50 AM by Mallory Gaunce   [ updated Aug 22, 2018, 10:35 AM ]

Our 2018 Football Season Cheer Clinic will be held on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, from 1-3:30pm in the SME main gym! 

The sideline performance for the clinic will take place at the Varsity Football home game at SM North Stadium on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Registration forms are attached to this post. Please download, fill out, and send to Suzanne Sawalich as indicated on the second page of the registration form. 

2018-19 Competition and State Squad Rosters

posted Apr 19, 2018, 12:19 PM by Mallory Gaunce

Traditional Competition Squad/7th Hour Class Roster:
(Competitions Nov. 10 and Dec. 8, 2018 - tentatively)
*listed in alphabetical order by first name
  1. Adrianna Haley
  2. Annabelle Moore
  3. Ashton Emley
  4. Becca Heinz
  5. Brooke Seib
  6. Chloe Sowden
  7. Chloe Wright
  8. Elle Angelo
  9. Ellie Phillps
  10. Emmy Patterson
  11. Gabby Leinbach
  12. Gabby Mack
  13. Grace Krieg
  14. Helen Holzbeierlein
  15. Helen Sniezek
  16. Holly Frigon
  17. Kenzie Born
  18. Laura Ratley-Baeza
  19. Lauren LeMay
  20. Lauren Sawalich
  21. Lena Madden
  22. Lillian Williams
  23. Lindsay Brown
  24. Lindsey Staehr
  25. Lucy Crum
  26. Maddie Morrissey
  27. Maggie Gray
  28. Megan Packel
  29. Olivia Johnson
  30. Payton Johnson
  31. Savannah Bahr
  32. Sofia Savic
  33. Sophia Kotar
  34. Zoe Hartman
  35. Zoey Lovern
  1. Ashley Garverick
  2. Avery Gray
  3. Deirdre Poague
State Competition Routine Roster:
(State Competition is Nov. 17, 2018)
*listed in alphabetical order by first name
  1. Adrianna Haley
  2. Ashley Garverick
  3. Ashton Emley
  4. Becca Heinz
  5. Caylen Ye
  6. Chloe Wright
  7. Claire McPhail
  8. Deirdre Poague
  9. Elle Angelo
  10. Ellie Phillips
  11. Gabby Mack
  12. Grace Krieg
  13. Helen Sniezek
  14. Holly Frigon
  15. Julie Fromm
  16. Kenzie Born
  17. Kimball Gogel
  18. Laura Ratley Baeza
  19. Lauren Sawalich
  20. Lillian Williams
  21. Lindsay Brown
  22. Lindsey Staehr
  23. Lucy Crum
  24. Maggie Gray
  25. Megan Packel
  26. Payton Johnson
  27. Sofia Savic
  28. Sophia Kotar
  29. Zoe Hartman
  30. Zoey Lovern
  1. Avery Gray
  2. Olivia Johnson

2018-2019 Cheer Tryout Results

posted Mar 29, 2018, 7:44 PM by Mallory Gaunce   [ updated Apr 1, 2018, 7:01 PM ]

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Cheer Squads! 
*All cheerleaders are listed in alphabetical order by last name.*

All cheerleaders: please plan to bring a parent to meet with your coaches on Tuesday, April 3, at 6:00pm in the SME Cafeteria. 

Varsity Squad (Coach: Holly Schoonover):
1. Angelo, Elle
2. Crum, Lucy
3. Emley, Ashton
4. Frigon, Holly
5. Gogel, Kimball
6. Gray, Maggie
7. Hartman, Zoe
8. Heinz, Becca
9. Johnson, Payton
10. Kotar, Sophia
11. Krieg, Grace
12. Lovern, Zoey
13. Mack, Gabby
14. Packel, Megan
15. Phillips, Ellie
16. Ratley-Baeza, Laura
17. Savic, Sofia
18. Sawalich, Lauren
19. Sniezek, Helen
20. Staehr, Lindsey
21. Wright, Chloe
22. Ye, Caylen

JV Squad (Coach: Meg Daugherty):
1. Bahr, Savannah
2. Baska, Katie
3. Born, Kenzie
4. Fromm, Julie
5. Gray, Avery
6. Haley, Adrianna
7. Johnson, Olivia
8. Leinbach, Gabby
9. Madden, Lena
10. McKinney, Stella
11. McPhail, Claire
12. Moore, Annabelle
13. Packer, Lindsey
14. Poague, Deirdre
15. Seib, Brooke
16. Sowden, Chloe

Freshman Squad (Coach: Mallory Gaunce):
1. Attebery, Emily
2. Brown, Lindsay
3. Coleman, Emma
4. Garverick, Ashley
5. Hawes, Charlotte
6. LeMay, Lauren
7. Manning, Alex
8. Merckens, Maggie
9. Morrissey, Maddie
10. Patterson, Emmy
11. Rasmussen, Kate
12. Rubesch, Krissy
13. Schwabauer, Abby
14. Taylor, Hannah
15. Thibodeau, Maddie
16. Williams, Lillian

CONGRATULATIONS! See you TUESDAY! Please email your coaches with any questions or concerns (see home page of site for email addresses). 

Week of March 26 - March 30, 2018

posted Mar 26, 2018, 10:07 AM by Mallory Gaunce

Tuesday, March 27: Tryout Clinic Day 1 (for ALL grade levels) - 4:30-6:30pm in the SME Main Gym
**Please bring your completed application forms and signed medical release forms to the clinic on Day One of clinic!

Wednesday, March 28: Tryout Clinic Day 2 (for ALL grade levels) - 4:30-6:30pm in the SME Main Gym
**Please bring your completed application forms and signed medical release forms to the clinic on Day Two of clinic if you forgot them on Day One!

Thursday, March 29: Tryouts (for ALL grade levels) - begins promptly at 4:30pm. 
*We recommend you arrive no later than 4:15pm to the SME Gym Lobby to receive your tryout number tag and to rehearse your tryout material with your group. Tryout groups will include approximately 3 candidates per group; each tryout group lasts approximately 5-10 minutes for the entire tryout. After your tryout group has finished, you are free to go!

Recommended tryout-wear: 
1. Black or grey shorts (no cheer logos, either for SME Cheer or for another competitive cheer program)
2. White t-shirt (again, no cheer logos - try to make this as plain as possible)
3. Tennis shoes 
4. Hair up in a sleek/tight ponytail and tied with a ribbon or bow (we can provide if you don't have one!)

Week of Jan. 1 - Jan. 7, 2018

posted Jan 2, 2018, 12:15 PM by Mallory Gaunce

Updates for Spring Semester (also sent out via email): 
  1. Comp Squad Pep Assembly Performance: Comp Squad will be practicing next Tuesday/Wednesday (1/9 - 1/10) from 6a-7a to prepare for the pep assembly performance on Thursday, 1/11. The pep assembly will take place during seminar on 1/11, and we will likely be the first or one of the first couple of performances (for any parents who want to attend). **Cheerleaders: on the day of the pep assembly, since we no longer have the 20-minute warm-up session at the beginning of seminar before students are released to head to the gym, I will be calling you out approximately halfway through second hour to set out the mats and warm up at least one time prior to performing. 

  2. Comp Squad Rockhurst Game Performance: The comp squad will perform for a final time at halftime of the JV boy's basketball game vs. Rockhurst on Friday, 1/26. We will be rehearsing on Wednesday, 1/17, and Wednesday, 1/24, from 6a-7a, just to keep everything sharp before then. 
    **PARENTS: We will need several parents (comp or non-comp) to help roll out and roll up the mats as quickly as possible during this performance. Please sign up using this link if you will be available to help with the mats on 1/26. We'd need you for a short amount of time during the JV game. We will have a parent-practice prior some time in the next few weeks so you know what you're doing! 

  3. McPherson Tournament (Varsity): All varsity cheerleaders will be attending the McPherson basketball tournament Jan. 19 & 20, with senior parents and Holly as chaperones. All details regarding the trip will be sent to you via email later this evening or later this week from Stephanie Krause, so keep an eye out for that email!

  4. Senior Night (varsity/seniors): SME Cheer senior night will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 6, during halftime of the boy's basketball game. Seniors will attend a special dinner (more details to come) while the underclassmen on Varsity cheer for the girl's varsity game. Then, the seniors will attend and join the rest of the squad to cheer at the boy's game. 

  5. Basketball Schedule (all squads): Although we do our best to keep you up to date on game changes using our cheer calendar on SMECheer.com, please feel free to sign up for email updates or text updates for your squad's games at sunflowerleague.org! I get all updates this way, and it is a HUGE help, as they send you a message as soon as a change is made. 

  6. Basketball season cheer clinic (all squads): Our basketball season clinic fundraiser AND performance will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 20. Students are not in school on Tuesday 2/20, so all cheerleaders will be expected to attend the clinic from 8a-12p, then attend the game performance (during girl's game at 5:30p) that night. More details to follow.

  7. Uniform check-in: Uniform check-in will be the week of March 19-23 (date TBD), as I will be out of town the week before spring break this year (which is when we usually turn in uniforms). Please make sure to have your uniforms cleaned and nicely folded (no hangers, please!). 

  8. End-of-the-year Cheer Banquet (all squads): The banquet will be held on Sunday, March 25th. More details to follow in separate email sometime later this month or in February. Please make sure to keep that date free for a fun end-of-year celebration!

  9. TRYOUTS (all squads - seniors will run tryouts): The Tryout Info meeting will be held on Monday, February 26, at 5:30p. Cheer tryout clinic will be held on Tuesday/Wednesday, March 27/28th, from 4:30-6:30p, as we will be hosting ALL squad tryouts at the same time (instead of a separate freshman tryout session). Tryouts for all three squads (freshmen, JV, and varsity) will be held on Thursday, March 29. The "You Made It" posting will be posted on Friday, March 30 at 12p (there is no school that day).

  10. SUMMER SCHEDULE (underclassmen): All summer practices and hopefully camps will be held in June 2018 for next year's program. We are still waiting on camp dates from NCA staff, but are planning to schedule them for June, as well, if we can. We would also like to schedule competition routine camp for June, but that is pending Triston's schedule - it will either be in June or in early August. You are free to plan whatever you need to for July/summer trips! If you have a conflict for June already, no worries; just please let us know.

Week of November 13 - 19, 2017

posted Nov 13, 2017, 11:24 AM by Mallory Gaunce

Tuesday, Nov. 14
  • JV/Freshman practice 3:30-4:30 in the cafeteria
  • Varsity/State Routine practice from 4:30-6:30 in the cafeteria
Thursday, Nov. 16: 
  • Varsity/State Routine practice ONLY from 3:30-5:30 in the cafeteria
Saturday, Nov. 18 (Varsity/State Routine Only)
  • Bus leaves at 10:30am from SME
  • Please eat breakfast on your own; lunch will be provided at the ExpoCenter between 12:30-1p (cheer booster will be providing something for you as we did on Saturday)
  • WARMUP for fight song prelim: 1:39pm
  • PERFORMANCE for fight song prelim: 2:02pm
  • WARMUP for crowd leading/cheer prelim: 3:14pm
  • PERFORMANCE for crowd leading/cheer prelim: 3:35pm
  • WARMUP for band dance prelim: 4:48pm
  • PERFORMANCE for band dance prelim: 5:08pm
  • Announcement of finalists at 5:15pm
  • DINNER BREAK - cheer booster will provide dinner if we make it to finals
  • If we make it to finals, we will perform at either: 8:03pm, 8:10pm, 8:17pm, 8:24pm, 8:31pm, or 8:38pm (we won't know until 5:15pm that night)
  • Awards ceremony at 8:45/9pm
*Reminder: Parents coming to watch - there is a parking fee and an entry fee! $15 to enter, $5 per car to park. 

Week of November 6 - November 12, 2017

posted Nov 2, 2017, 12:06 PM by Mallory Gaunce   [ updated Nov 8, 2017, 9:10 AM ]

Tuesday, 11/7: JV/F practice/conditioning 3:30-4:30; Varsity State Routine Practice 4:30-6:30p

Wednesday, 11/8: Comp Routine practice at 6a (stage gym)

Thursday, 11/9: Can Drive Pep Assembly (all cheerleaders perform fight song/band dances as students enter); Varsity State Routine Practice 3:30-5:30p

Friday, 11/10: Football Sectionals Playoff Game vs. Blue Valley North @ SMN stadium; Game starts at 7, please report to SMN by 6p for warm-ups

Saturday, 11/11: Comp Squad performance at Blue Valley Southwest Showcase. Comp Squad reports to BVSW by 10:45a; Performance time is 1:00pm; Individual Group Stunt Performance at 2:25p; See attached schedule for more details. 

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